Dr. Horsberg: “The future is combining different types of treatments”

The academic from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science Dr. Tor Einar Horsberg is a leading specialist in sea lice. After participating in the 2018 International Sea Lice Conference in Punta Arenas, Magallanes Region, the expert spoke to AQUA about combining pharmaceuticals with mechanical methods for more effective sea lice treatments. Some therapies present risks (such as thermal treatments) but the doctor sustains that these treatments have significantly improved and must be incorporated into wider arsenal of combative methods.

Dr. Horsberg explained how a combination of different treatments, chemical and non-chemical, avoids the abuse of a single option and results in more effective sea lice suppression.

In Norway, the majority of producers on the west coast use warm water treatments, in addition to mechanical methods and fresh water. Nevertheless, Dr. Horsberg warns that these treatments must also be constantly rotated just as with chemical methods.

In regards to the use of cleaning fish in Norway, the country has diversified from wrasse and is now cultivating lumpfish. Norway is also transitioning to bath treatments in wellboats, which Dr. Horsberg considers to be the best method.