Analysis of parasite transmission between cultivated and wild fish

Researchers in Spain are working to identify parasitic species that infect cultivated and wild fish in the maritime zones within Valenciana and Canarias Community.

Jordi López, the Principal Investigator on the project led by scientists from the University CEU Cardenal Herrera, explains that fish in marine aquaculture cages can be part of the biological cycle for parasites on wild fish, and vice versa.

Once the parasitic species are identified, the CEU-UCH researchers will create a series of recommendations so aquaculture centers can minimize infection risk and decrease diffusion of parasites in the maritime environment.

The project will utilize under-water cameras to take sequential photos of marine fauna and identify the species found in the Castellón and Alicante Provinces. Parasitological analysis of the digestive systems of wild and farmed species will help determine parasitic interactions and transmission risks.

Furthermore, the project is connected to the Life IP-Intermares project which is creating a network of marine spaces in the Red Natura 2000.