Expert in shipping and ports: “Chile needs a culture change”

Between November 7 and 9, the city of Talcahuano (Biobio Region) hosted the VII International Engineering and Port Operation Seminar (SIOP).

Aitana Forcén-Vazquez, from the New Zealand company Metocean Solutions, spoke at the seminar about her expertise in marine forecasting.

According to the PhD in physical oceanography, New Zealand is a leader in technology development to address meteorological risks. Due to the Pacific Ocean, Chile and New Zealand experience similar oceanic conditions at their ports and Forcén-Vazquez says Chile could follow their path of port modernization.

Chile, says the expert, needs a culture change to achieve this development. This means the country must take more observations, train and educate personnel, and share data so the rest of the world has the same information.

Forcén-Vazquez explained that technology and knowledge transfer is the most important goal for the future and that both countries have much to learn from each other.