Fishermen will grow piure in unprecedented cultivation

Thanks to the Cultivate Your Ocean program from the Artisanal Fishing Promotion Fund, Fishermen of Caleta Hornos in Coquimbo Region will soon be cultivating piure (sea-squirts or ascidians).

Piure is eaten in a variety of Chilean dishes and is a principal food source for the abalone (Chonchalepas chonchalepas).

The Cultivate Your Ocean program provides financing and technical support to small-scale aquaculture projects. In Coquimbo, the fishermen will cultivate piure inside their benthic resource management area with the ultimate goal of increasing abalone numbers within the area. This area covers 297.75 hectares, 1.7 of which will be dedicated to three long-lines to grow the piure.

Starting in 2019, the fishermen will buy piure seeds and hire a technical team to help with the cultivation system installation.

Cultivate Your Ocean is a three-year program investing CLP$2 billion to develop small-scale aquaculture in Chile.